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Apple A Chinese user on WeiPhone posted a screenshot revealing technical updates of the ‘new iPhone’. He also commented on some of the hardware rumors that are flying around.

The information posted is second hand as the forum user claims that it originated from a Foxconn employee. Another aspect that creates a bit of a mystery around the subject is the fact that the screenshot could be easily manipulated.

Though rumors said that the new processor would be a 1.2GHz model, the user says it will be a 600MHz. Still better then the 400MHz in the current iPhone. The RAM size doubled from 128MB to 256MB. Maximum memory is 32GB. The camera would be a 3.2MP model, which is a welcome upgrade from the 2.0MP camera of the current model. Creative developers can also use a new sensor that acts like a digital compass. It is not expected that the new digital compass will be the alternative for GPS functionality ;-).

The exterior is still about the same, which results in the same screen being used. Consumers will again receive a 3.5″ touch screen with a 480×320 pixel size (Ideal for developers that don’t have to re-scale their games). The battery stayed the same as well. One thing that will probably change is that the home button will be lit in the dark.

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