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Dutch-games-association One of the group discussions was about games and advertising. Though this was a discussion without mobile developers, it will still be an interesting read through.

To avoid getting lost in the discussion, we summarized all of it per company.

“Advertisers are interested in the gamer, not the game itself. Be sure to identify who the gamer is and to use that information to profile the right advertiser. When putting adverts in your game, be sure to be transparent about it to avoid irritation” Said Joost Dazelmans from Red Chocolate

“If you want to be successful with in-game advertising, a game developer doesn't only need creative developers, but also a communications creative.” Said Michiel Salsa from Little Chicken

“In-Game advertising is a hard sell. Advertisers are still having a very traditional focus. When we do in-game advertising, local advertising deals are hard to fulfil. This means we will focus on international brands. We also focus on online games as we don't believe in-game billboards work well.” Said David Wolf from Isobar

“Adverts have the best results when they complement the game. Just putting a logo up there is not enough. Though advertising does bring in Money for Ubisoft, it is only a few percent.” Said Cem Yildiz from Ubisoft

This session was hosted by Pieter Slingerland from DQ&A.

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