Fluik Makes Great Games Outa Real Life Nuisances!

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It’s common in the work place to have someone who’s overachieving and who wants to be the boss under the boss. It can be a little irritating, but you know this type of person and he, or she makes you want to throw an egg upside his head. Let’s be realistic. You can’t do that. Or maybe you can? Fluik Entertainment Inc. sure thought you should, and to take not only vengeance on that little pest, but on other annoyances we can pick on. Fluik more accredited for their wacky games of real life nuisances such as The Office Jerk and the new iPhone hit Plumber Crack (yes, this is actually the game’s name!).

Founded in 2009, Fluik Entertainment Inc., focused more solely on the iPad and iPhone hoping to advance to the next level in game development. Fluik, however, is not a company oblivious to the finicky app market. This innovative app developer always strives to produce unorthodox games, and boy, do they. Both Office Jerk and Plumber Crack involve you as the player, antagonizing either that annoying ambitious coworker or that plumber who fits under the stereotype of having that unappealing bottom. These games are quite humorous and can be as a stress reliefs, releasing tension by doing things you could never do in the everyday workplace or to those who just want to make sure of ready potable water.

Fluik studies the success and failures that other game developers release and utilize it for their own creations generating brilliant outcomes. Let’s take a look at their first ambitious project, Office Jerk, which was released in the madness of the iOS world on April 28, 2011. The game became was a big hit and accomplishment for company with the app having 1 million downloads in its first week and becoming the number one in fifteen countries. Wow.

Upon gaining the achievement, Fluik, went back into brainstorming to find what else they can bring for the app market. Something innovative. Something amusing. Something unique. Plumber Crack was then released on March 2, 2012 and has since then, have had 10 million downloads! Who ever thought something so disgusting could be the amount to something so fun?

The Edmonton-based game developers’ strategy seems to be an appeal to those with a functional funny bone adding in some realistic issues we face daily. We don’t know what wacky app Fluik will come up with next, but it’s hard to wait patiently as their ideas for such games are pure gold. They understand the amazing amount of positive feedback with their former triumphs, and you can be sure they won’t stop here. But it’s okay, because you don’t want them to.

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