Germany to Ban Violent Games?

March 23rd, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Other news | 3 Comments »

Following the shooting incident in the German city of Winnenden, Heini Schmitt (Head  of the national Pollice) has fired up the discussion to ban violent games from the shelves.

Some retailers have already taken a head start by removing their most violent titles on a voluntary basis. If the discussion goes far enough for a national ban of violent games, this will surely also impact mobile game sales both on- and off portal.

    3 Responses to “Germany to Ban Violent Games?”

    1. german dude says:

      10 000 000 gamers. 1 amok run.
      nuff said.

    2. L K Tucker says:

      The problem is not the games. It’s something that was found and solved forty years ago, Subliminal Distraction.

    3. realist says:

      L K Tucker, you either have some hardcore psychosis going yourself or you have some other major mental problem. Your site is interesting in the same way that people look at circus freaks. You are truly screwed in the head. But I enjoy it!! Keep the crazy work up, you are certainly putting a lot of effort in it!!

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