Glu Mobile HK Farewell Party

September 22nd, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Companies & M&A | No Comments »

Since it’s start, the (mobile) games industry seems to be looking for any excuse to organize a party. So did the Glu HK crew when the office was closed down last month.

“Today is the farewell party for Glu HK people. Every one, including the past employees were invited to join the party. As you guys might remember, I have post a photo taken on my last day at Glu HK. The feeling I had that day is totally different from today. Even though Glu HK no longer exists, I am sure we are still going to hang out from time to time. Remember we had a monthly gathering? It might be a little bit hard to organize gathering now as every one is separated, but we should try out best to keep this monthly going. Thanks for Tommy and his band to write that special song for us. We love you Tommy! We will play Mario Kart and Xbox together very soon. Don’t worry. Good luck to you all and wish you all the best on what ever path you are heading to. Now lets think of a place to go for out September gathering. :)” wrote Simon Chan on Flickr.

You can find the full party photostream here.

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