iPhone 5 Screen to Stretch Universal Build Proposition

May 22nd, 2012 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: AndroidOS | No Comments »

According to rumours, Apple is ready to yet again introduce a new screen to the iPhone/iPod Touch family. This time, the company is set on introducing a 4.6 inch screen and it is unlikely to lower pixel density.

When it comes to Windows Phone, all screens are 480×800 pixels. No matter how big the screens are and that results in loss of pixel density on bigger screens like that in the good old Omnia 7 from Samsung.

Pixel Density is a marketing piece of Apple, who calls the current density found on the iPhone 4/4S and new iPad ‘Retina’. If Apple would be just stretching the screen to 4.6 inches, the company probably won’t be able to call the new screen Retina anymore.

So what will happen to older apps? Probably, the iPhone 5 will have a similar function to that of the iPad. It will be bordering the original app with black borders.

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