Micazook Releases I-Citizen 3D

April 8th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in New Releases | 2 Comments »

MicazookAfter three years of development, Micazook is taking the world of 3D avatars mobile with their release of I-Citizen 3D.

I-Citizen is far from ‘a mobile second life’ as players just meet up in virtual cities instead of building them. Micazook offers a variety of entertainment in the cities, ranging from hotel rooms all the way up to shops and cinemas.

Micazook distributes the application for free, though subscriptions are needed to unlock special possibilities. Also, the mobile client will quickly be followed up with a PC version.

“We have put in a lot of care and effort in producing an environment where people feel comfortable to meet others and to share their feelings and emotions with each other. The mobile environment is a challenging one and building a platform that covers a wide array of handsets has proved to be a challenging task.

From the outset our goal was to design a system accessible by anyone across the globe without restrictions. Anyone who likes to socialise, promote or simply offer commercialise the system by offering goods and services to make money.

One aspect of i-citizen which was designed from the outset was a place we call Showcase. We wanted to create an environment where members can upload anything from music, videos, Games to sub text of a book they are writing if they wanted to. There are no restrictions in what you can add, promote or sell.

Currently we see a strong trend in this sector but somehow no one has offered a total package to facilitate this concept until now.

So far i-Citizen has exceeded our expectations and literally thousands of people have rushed to become members in its first few days of release already.” said Michael Fotoohi Ceo of Micazook.

    2 Responses to “Micazook Releases I-Citizen 3D”

    1. gamer says:

      Downloaded and tried to use icitizen. to be honest disappointed with the crap!

    2. John says:

      Think ‘thousands’ will be quickly unsubscribing… what a useless app, froze far too many times.

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