MMCC Barcodes, a new Delivery System?

March 17th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Marketing Strategies | No Comments »

Most of you probably know that QR Barcodes can hold loads on information like URL's and personal contact data. Scientists at the Edith Cowan University are taking the technology to a new level that might be very interesting for innovative developers.

The scientists have developed, what they call, MMCC 2D barcodes. Those codes are much like the good old QR codes, but are in full colour. That way, a higher resolution can be reached and a huge amount of data can be stored in just a few pixels.

True, it might take a long time before an entire mobile game would fit in there, but think about bonus content. i.e. a car magazine could post a code for a new track in a game in every new edition in order to let it's readers collect limited edition tracks.

"MMCC is the only colour 2D-barcode tailored to suit the limitations of low resolution camera mobile phones (from VGA resolutions onwards) that can be printed on paper using more than 8 colours. This currently translates to application across more than 1 billion existing mobile users. A recent study noted that in Japan where 76% of the population is familiar with camera phone based barcode scanning, 65% of males and 48% of females had used black and white 2D barcodes within the 3 month period prior to the study."

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