Retrevo: iPad Fails to Convince Buyers

February 8th, 2010 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: iOS | No Comments »

Retrevo In anticipation to the iPad revealing, many consumers had shown interest in this new Apple device. After the presentation however, it turned out that a lot of those consumers have lost interest according to Retrovo.

Before the announcement, 48% of the respondents had heard about the iPad. After, this rose to 80% which is great for brand awareness. Sadly enough, the number of consumers that did hear of it but are not interested in buying one rose as well from 26% to 52%. The number of absolute buyers increased from 3% before to 9% after.

When it comes to ‘needing’ the iPad, consumers have also become negative. Before the announcement, 49% though they wouldn’t need it vs. 61% after the announcement. Again, the number of consumers who do think they need it also grew from 3% to 5%. Still no stellar scores though.

Retrovo also checked the interest in 3G connectivity. They asked consumers if they are willing to pay an additional $130 per device (not mentioning subscriptions). 59% will not pay for 3G, 12% will.

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