The iPhone, 500K Consumers Gone

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AppleThe iPhone, a great phone with even better marketing, has sold over half a million units in one weekend in the US. What does this mean for the mobile games and content industry?

If your name is EA of Gameloft, this is great news as they own a license to develop a umber of games for the iPod, which means chances are big they are already making iPhone versions available. For all other developers who don’t have a deal with Apple (and face it, that is most of the market) it means the iPhone has already eliminated a big part of your consumer base while it didn’t even hit the rest of the world yet.

The eventual number of sales are wildly guessed, but will reach millions over the next years which might make the iPhone one of the most successful devices around the world. The downside however is that all content for the iPhone is controlled and distributed by Apple alone, limiting the sales of games to a few companies like the ones mentioned above.

This move not only limits the game developers, but also developers of other mobile content like ringtones. The iPhone will have an app on board to generate a ringtone out of any MP3/AAC track stored on the device.

So is the iPod really a great thing? Probably only for consumers who don’t demand much from custom content (or the fact that 3G is not supported).

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    1. Malee says:

      Apple should be thinking the ” Popularity ” biz, open up the core for games / apps dev will make more choice for user. http://www.iphonebeep.com , is listing applications in regards with iphone.

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