WWF China Starts Mobile Campaign

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World-wildlife-fund The World Wildlife Fund in China has chosen to use an augmented reality mobile game to inform China’s youngsters about the importance of the environment they live in. The game will mainly target the ones living in the big cities.

When they launch the game, a virtual bear will be rendered on top of the camera view. Through image recognition, the bear will act on its environment. Since the city is not the original environment of the bear, it will not feel happy and show that it has a lot of problems adapting.

"The bear inhabits in the real world. The technology called Shijie lens tracks the buildings, the floor, and it also tracks polygons. So the bear is reacting to moving polygons translated into virtual lines and virtual objects."said Steve Chao, CEO of Qdero Interactive Marketing "With the upcoming smartphones, the CPU power becomes better and better. That means that the computational power on the mobile phones is closer to earlier computers. So the rendering power of 3D characters on the mobile phones only has been possible recently, and that means augmented reality can run smoothly on the mobile phone."

Communications director of WWF China, Jing Hui, said: "WWF has always seen young people to be important activists and enthusiasts. At the same time, we notice they have their own preferences for media and information sources. They tend to turn away from traditional media like TV, newspapers and magazines, but embrace websites, blogs and mobile internet."

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