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April 7th, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: iOS | No Comments »

Comscore released some interesting news today about the penetration rate of the most popular mobile games for the App Store. Did you know TapTapRevenge is downloaded by 1 out of 3 mobile gamers?

Indeed, TapTap Revenge has a penetration rate of 32%. A penetration rate that must be the wet dream of most of the developers that fight for their spot on the iPhone.

"It's impressive that a game like Tapulous's Tap Tap Revenge can attract a higher penetration among Apple app users than apps for larger and more established brands," said Brian Jurutka, vice president, comScore. "Tap Tap's success demonstrates that there is ample opportunity in the app space for any publisher to obtain significant distribution with a product that engages users. Since the number of app users is growing nearly ten percent each month, that opportunity will only continue to grow for both existing and emerging app developers."

A review of the top 25 most heavily penetrated apps illustrates the importance of gaming to devices like the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Twelve out of the 25 most popular mobile apps were games, including classics like Hangman and Pac-man, and more non-conventional titles like Cube Runner and Crazy Penguin Catapult. Among non-gaming applications, Stylem Media's "Backgrounds" applications had the highest installed base, followed closely by the top social networking applications: Facebook and MySpace Mobile.

32% Tap Tap Revenge | Tapulous, Inc.
27% Backgrounds | Stylem Media
26% Touch Hockey: FS5 | FlipSide5, Inc.
26% Facebook | Facebook, Inc.
24% Pac-Man | Namco
24% iBowl | SGN
23% MySpace Mobile | MySpace.com
22% Google Earth | Google Inc.
22% Labyrinth | Codify AB
21% Pandora | Pandora Media, Inc.
19% AIM | Social Networking AOL
19% Flashlight | John Haney
18% Virtual Zippo Lighter | Moderati Inc. and Zippo Manufacturing Co.
18% Movies | Flixster
18% Hangman | Jamsoft
18% Bubblewrap | Orsome Software Ltd.
17% Lightsaber Unleashed | Lucasfilm Ltd
17% Shazam | Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
16% Mazefinger | ngmoco
16% Cube Runner | Andy Qua
15% Sol Solitaire | Smallware LLC
15% Crazy Penguin Catapult | Digital Chocolate Inc.
15% Topple  | ngmoco
14% Sudoku | Mighty Mighty Good Games
13% Remote | Apple

"comScore's Apple App Store data confirms the popularity of Tap Tap Revenge," said Bart Decrem, CEO, Tapulous. "Unlike other Apple app rankings, which list apps by popularity during a given time period, the comScore view shows the cumulative installed base of the applications, thereby revealing the true size of the audience that can be reached. For example, we are able to see that some of the top gaming apps reach even more people than the most popular social networking apps. With such a large base having already installed the free version of the product, converting even a small portion into paid versions using premium content like Coldplay and Tap Tap Dance represents significant revenue upside."

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