D.I.C.E: The Credit Crunch is a Blessing according to EA

February 21st, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Companies & M&A | 2 Comments »

At D.I.C.E., EA's CEO John Riccitiello has outed that the current credit crunch is a true blessing for the games industry. He also explained how game publishers and developer can survive in these tough times.

John told the industry that the first advice of accountants in these times is to reduce headcount, close facilities and reduce creative risk. According to him, this isn't right and will not help you to save your company from going bankrupt.

Though EA also shrunk where needed, John plans to be focusing his investments in a better way. He says you have to decide what is really important for your company and cut the rest. For EA that's quality, IP and gaming as a service (GAAS).

Read the complete story over at GameSpot.

    2 Responses to “D.I.C.E: The Credit Crunch is a Blessing according to EA”

    1. spam says:

      Riccitiellos interview is like always arrogant. But John missed out to say whats really important for EA. Perhaps EA Mobile isnt important for him soon.

    2. Obunga says:

      hold on how many people did EA fire?
      And JR is calling that a blessing?
      …What a twat.

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