HandyGames Releases Romans and Barbarians

November 27th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in New Releases | 4 Comments »

If there is one type of game that HandyGames has always been good in producing, it's strategy. With the release of their latest mobile game, Romans and Barbarians, the company delivers yet another real time strategy beauty.

The game let's you control Rome's mighty armies to fight off the barbarians. Besides fighting, the game also allows you to build up architectural masterpieces in the ancient, cartoonlike world.

    4 Responses to “HandyGames Releases Romans and Barbarians”

    1. pixel artist says:

      I somehow wish i could stop doing jigsaw, sports and sodoku crap for a while and make a tactics game. *sigh*

    2. HandyGames says:

      Why dont you develop what you want? Such game will have more spirit than a game that you dont want to develop!

    3. Pixeljoe says:

      Why? – well cause i have a family and can’t take the risk of giving up on my job and the good good salary =)

    4. Pixeljoe says:

      and btw – i made countless proposals – awesome pixel-art, nifty gd. But you know what the marketing-turds said? – “we think our costumer-base is not interested…”
      Dann spiel ich halt weiter Panzer General =p

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