RumbleX Got Revamped and Supports iPhone and Android

November 25th, 2008 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Marketing Strategies | No Comments »

Since 2006, OrangePixel has been fighting to get the Rumblex experience in as many mobile games as possible. Through the SDK they hope to create a true Xbox Live experience to mobile gamers and so, stimulate the mobile games market.

The new RumbleX website comes with some new features for developers and players. The SDK is now also available for Android and an iPhoneOS based devices. Since most of the technology is server-side, the team will have no problem expanding device coverage even further.

The mobile website has also been updated and is now a full-featured website for players to download free mobile games (Greystripe AdWrapped), check high scores, achievements, awards and private messages from friends and followers.

The real power for developers comes from the fact that RumbleX players can link their RumbleX profile to various social networks on the Internet. This allows messages to be send to these networks about what game the player is playing, or if he/she achieved a new high score, etc.  So if a player links his or her Twitter profile (a micro-blogging / text-messaging like service) and a game is played, there will be a message send out to all their friends on that network communicating what game he/she is playing and where to get it. Right now RumbleX supports: Twitter.com, Jaiku.com, Pownce.com, and Friendfeed.com, and more networks like Facebook.com and Raptr.com are planned.

Furthermore a flexible website API allows both developers and gamers to grab information for their websites or blogs. If you are a developer you can now easily retrieve the last 10 scores for a specific game or show the top-10 all-time scores; if you are a gamer you can get your last achievements or scores and place them on your blog or website.

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