CTIA: AppsWeLike, a. app Recommendation Engine

April 1st, 2009 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: iOS | No Comments »

Over at CTIA, a company called Mobui is launching AppWeLike.com, a service that allows mobile game and application developers to suggest other great games and applications from within theirs.

So the first thing we where thinking when we read about this was, where’s the business model? If I where a mobile developer, I’d much rather point consumers to my other apps then just promoting somebody else’s and see my revenue leaking away.

AppsWeLike must be regarded more like an affiliate marketing system. It will help developers earn money when other developers generate a lead from the reference. Of course, such revenues are still a lot smaller then when it’s your own title that you are selling. Chances are though, that the number of leads you generate are big enough to at least compare to the revenue you will more or less give up on.

In return for generating sales for developers and publishers, the developers do have to give a small revenue share to back to the service. Implementation of it is free however. During the beta period however, Mobui will provide the service for free.

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